Episode #419 – Wie is de Mol 2022 Episode 2 Recap

Go Full Imanuelle, because we are back for 2022’s Wie is de Mol season! Over these ten weeks, two guys who are definitely not smirking at each other right now – Logan & Michael – are recapping, analysing and speculating all about Wie is de Mol’s season in Albania, continuing with the second episode and elimination of Glen.

In this episode, Logan has more animal stories, Rik’s knowledge of comedy is tested, a challenge is set for next week, we look back at our Oregon coverage to see if there are any regrets, Michael finds his dream challenge, there are more Belgie vibes, a clue may have been unseen in the first challenge, Michael wonders if he’s famous in Albania, a generous penalty is assessed, Logan gets jokeblocked, we try and rule seven people out, we reveal our second set of suspicions and there’s the first update to our Pool and First Suspicions games.

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Episode #418 – Wie is de Mol 2022 Episode 1 Recap

Find out what WiFi is, because we are back for 2022’s edition of Wie is de Mol! Over the next ten weeks, two guys who haven’t always been good at trying – Logan & Michael – will be recapping, analysing and speculating all about Wie is de Mol’s season in Albania, beginning with the premiere episode and elimination of Suzanne.

In this episode – we get to ask a question for the first time in nearly two years, Production seems to have been looking east, Harmstone does sports, we wonder if there’ll be a reunion, Michael changes his tune on the live stream, we try and work out if there’s a clear set of Mole tactics, Facebook has a grudge against a WIDM alumnus, we try and work out where the missing 100 went, Logan reminds us he’s been to Shkodër, Production gets generous, Logan joins a Discord server, Suzanne sees a laptop for the first time, our superfan status is challenged, absolutely no-one is shocked that Arno is suspicious, Sahil takes credit for things, we reveal our first suspicions and Michael is accidentally deceptive.

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Episode #417 – “I Forgot About the Paper Underwear!” – an Amazing Race 3 Special Episode with Flo, Zach & Ken!

We have one final surprise this year, and it’s a big one! Back in June, Logan & Michael sat down with three of the finalists of Amazing Race 3 – Flo Pesenti, Zach Behr & Ken Duphiney!

In this episode, we find out about the Caroline Rhea show experience, everyone reveals if they got a call for an All-Star season, Logan wonders whether Zach remembers TARFlies, we bust a myth, Ken reveals what Gerard calls him on email, we wonder if Zach has PTSD from Dieselgate, there’s a request for some Italian, it all gets a bit nostalgic, we find out why there was a Twin Hunt, Ken explains his sibling decision, Colin learns a lesson from one Racer, Andre & Damon helped Ken & Gerard out of a sticky situation, there’s an interesting fan encounter, Portugal’s Fast Forward is revealed, Gerard makes a silent cameo and Ken reveals why he was nearly banned from Vietnam.

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Episode #416 – Wie is de Mol 2017 Finale & Reunion Recap

Start your own family tradition at the end of a holiday, because we are back for our second season of new/old Wie is de Mol recaps! Over these nine weeks, two guys who have spent the past three years unravelling Mole seasons – Logan & Michael – are looking back on our second old season of Wie is de Mol – 2017’s offering in Oregon, concluding with the final two episodes, elimination of Diederik and reveal of Thomas as Mole!

In this episode, Logan finally breaks his streak, we spot a bit of irony in the record schedule, Jochem reverts to lazy stereotypes, Michael does the traditional “fact-check the host at the end of a season” segment, our two bonus Moles this year are compared, Jochem is frustrating, Michael reveals what tipped him off in 2017, we find the one show we can’t watch together, there’s questions about Suriname, the podcast becomes educational, someone steals Michael’s schtick, Thomas backs us up, we get the Jeroen jokes out of our systems and Logan finds out where he would have seen Thomas since.

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