Episode #320 – De Mol Belgie Argentina Episode 1 Recap

Protect yourself, as the Sleeping Bag Bandit approaches, because we are back for a Summer treat! Over the next eight weeks, the two guys who definitely know who Gilles de Coster is – Logan & Michael – are looking back on one of the Best Seasons We Never Covered – De Mol Belgie: Argentina. So grab yourself a cup of mate and strap in for one of the most bonkers seasons that has ever been broadcast on television.

In this episode, Logan creates a segment that we’ll end up forgetting about, we wonder whether there’s ever an excuse not to know who Papa Bear Gilles de Coster is, Marc finally meets someone with hair, Hanne launches a new dog-holding service, Michael risks the ire of our regular listeners and we ask whether the first person executed is one of the most tragic figures in Reality TV history.

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Episode #319 – “I See A Quote Coming My Way” – A De Mol Belgie Special Episode with Bart Lintermans!

We’ve been away for a few weeks, but we’re back for a very special episode, joined by the breakout star of the season – Bart Lintermans!

In this episode, we find out why Bart really bid €10200, Bart tells us whether Salim was even remotely convincing as an 82-year-old, we get out-superfanned, Michael spots a sneaky musical cue, Bart finally gets the chance to play Never Have I Ever, we get to the bottom of whether Lithuania has stereotypes, Bart shows us how big The Mole is in Flanders and we try and work out why the hell Bart was so suspected.

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Episode #318 – De Mol Belgie Greece Reunion Recap & Season Wrap-Up

Put the Monopoly board away – it’s only a game and it’s time to wrap up this season of De Mol Belgie! Each week, two guys fluent in backwards shouting whilst skydiving – Michael & Logan, returned to discuss the latest goings-on and analyse the actions of the contestants and Mole! Sadly, now we know who the Mole is, it’s time to close the season up for the year!

In this episode, we’ve learnt some Flemish, Bart somehow defied all expectations again, Logan learns about game shows, we have what will hopefully be our final list of corrections ever, someone becomes the Belgian Beetlejuice and we make a huge announcement about what’s next.

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Episode #317 – De Mol Belgie Greece Finale Recap

Pop the champagne and grab yourself a €10 pitta bread as it’s the most wonderful time of the year, as ten unknown Flemings head into the unknown on a journey curated by Best Friend of the Podcast, Gilles de Coster, that we call De Mol Belgie. Each week, two guys who’ve never walked into a massage parlour asking for the most expensive thing that can be done in ten minutes – Michael & Logan – return to discuss the goings-on and analyse the actions of the contestants and the Mole. This week, Michael & Logan were meant to have joined the press corps again in Kinepolis for the finale and celebrated all the goings-on with the cast and crew, but instead had to stay home!

In this episode, we begin with some very special corrections, we wonder whether drachmas are still legal tender, Michael does some Open-Source Investigation, we find any excuse to reference Scott Flanary, Logan makes a foolish promise, Google Translate tries to get us into big trouble and we wonder why it is that Logan always seems to pick the Mole quickly in Belgian seasons.

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