Podcast #80 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Season Preview

Part 1

Michael & Logan are back for more Amazing Race Canada coverage, starting with the two-part season preview. Tune in to find out why Max might be regretting bringing two flatirons, why image preservation is more important than winning to some teams, why a particular singer can’t pronounce her song title, what in particular makes Michael be overly nice to Hamilton & Michaelia, why Nic & Sabrina will be good TV if they last long enough and which team is this season’s Jeanne. Also, three seasons of Survivor, the Mole and Robin Sparkles all make an appearance, as well as answering the questions, “Which team is most like an obscure team from Amazing Race Philippines”? and “Why is Nic basically copying Tyson and John from Amazing Race Australia v New Zealand”?.

Part 2

Michael & Logan return for the second part of their Amazing Race Canada 3 Preview! This week, the final six teams are discussed, as is the major twist of the season! Tune in to find out who could be the successors to Amazing Race 9’s Lisa & Joni, the official response to the discussion on Sukhi & Jinder from Season 2’s preview, whose fault it is that no teams from the Prairies are ever cast, what the difference between a Vanessa & Celina and a Natalie & Meaghan is, how to tell a bartender and mixologist apart, which former racers could make even Phil Keoghan swear, whether he sat in the pouch and the biggest question of all – which team will we regret slagging off this year?

Both parts are now available on YouTube!

YATNcast Pool

This year, four of the five YATNcast hosts – Eamon, Logan, Michael & Michelle – are participating in their very own predictions game. Before the season starts, all four submitted the order that they think everyone will finish in. If their 12th place prediction comes in last, they get 12 points, if 11th does, it’s 11 points, so on and so forth. The winner at the end of twelve weeks gets NOTHING.

week 1 picks


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