Podcast #81 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 1 Recap

Michael & Logan return to discuss the premiere of Amazing Race Canada 3! Tune in to hear why Gino & Jesse are still the worst, what bet Michael is willing to make, a (surprisingly swear-free) discussion on the Double Express Pass and a couple of surprises for the rest of the season.

Also, the four hosts of the TARC podcasts this year are having a predictions pool. Each week, each person will rank the teams remaining in a power rankings style. They will receive points for where they placed the eliminated team. For example, if Gino & Jesse (please God) get eliminated this week, Michael would earn two points, whilst Eamon, Logan and Michelle would earn only one. From this week, there are also bonus questions! The person who has the highest score at the end of twelve legs wins internet points, and the loser may be eliminated.

Last week, Michael was let down by his preseason winner pick, Max & Elias going out first, Logan scored three points and Michelle & Eamon lead with six each.

The bonus questions, each worth an extra point are as follows:

  • Who will win the leg this week?
  • If the Double Express Pass is not the leg prize, who will win that? If it is, you still earn a point if your prediction for this box wins them.

week 1 picks


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