Podcast #84 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 4 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 3’s trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. In this episode:

  • What should the new name for the Canadian Speaker’s Office should be?
  • Find out a fascinating fact about Ottawa.
  • What are the signs of a good Canadian airport?
  • Hear why Nic is basically Hayley from Amazing Race 26
  • Who’s a swimmer/not a swimmer?
  • Why do non-elimination legs have to be predetermined?
  • And which racers from last season we would most like to see take part in this week’s detour.

Also, the four hosts of the TARC podcasts this year are having a predictions pool. Each week, each person will rank the teams remaining in a power rankings style. They will receive points for where they placed the eliminated team. There are also at least two bonus questions each week. The person who has the highest score at the end of twelve legs wins internet points, and the loser may be eliminated from the podcast.

Last week, Michelle strengthened her lead, with a score of 5 points, Eamon had a terrible week, scoring only 2, Logan stormed into third place with a score of 6 and Michael had another not brilliant week, with only three points, leaving the standings at Michelle (26), Eamon (22), Logan (20) and Michael (17).

The bonus questions, each worth an extra point are as follows:

  • Who will lose the Double Battle/Face Off?
  • Who will be U-turned? If it is unused, then points will be scored for the answer “none”.

Also, there is now a five-point bonus available! Each person can guess twice during the season as to when the non-elimination legs will be. If they guess correctly, they earn five points each time.

week 5 picks


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