Podcast #87 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 7 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 3’s visit to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In this episode:

  • Why does the entire province have a vendetta against former sportspeople?
  • Why have producers completely ignored our reasonable questions for After the Race?
  • Logan prolongs a feud
  • Why are ORGs the best preparation for Amazing Race?
  • Which former team probably suggested the Roadblock
  • And how U-turns can be predicted by bottle caps?


Also, the four hosts of the TARC podcasts this year are having a predictions pool. Each week, each person will rank the teams remaining in a power rankings style. They will receive points for where they placed the eliminated team. There are also at least two bonus questions each week. The person who has the highest score at the end of twelve legs wins internet points, and the loser may be eliminated from the podcast.

Last week, Logan managed to catch back up to equal third place, with a bonus point that no-one else got. Eamon managed to catch up to equal first with Michelle after he was the only one to correctly predict the elimination and Michael & Michelle both score six points each, bringing the current scores to Michelle (49), Eamon (49), Michael (44) and Logan (43).

The bonus questions, each worth two extra points are as follows:

  • Name one team who will pick the LEAST popular detour choice. If everyone picks the same detour, then “None” will be a correct answer instead.
  • Will there be any tasks this week that Amazing Race has already done? For this to count, it must be the same type of route marker (Active Route Info, Roadblock, Detour, Fast Forward etc.) that it appeared as in at least one episode of a US season.

The five point bonus question is as always, “Will this episode feature an elimination?”. Each person gets two guesses (as there will be two episodes that do not feature an elimination) – Logan is the only one to not have guessed any non-eliminations yet.

week 8 picks


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