Podcast #89 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 9 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada’s visit to Delhi, India! In this episode:

  • We reveal why producers could get away without using Air Canada this week.
  • How would last week’s eliminated team have performed in the fish task?
  • Why will teams always get a penalty if they break rules?
  • Which racer from this season would be the best choice for a future American Big Brother season?
  • Whose ancestors may have beaten their descendants to India?
  • How can being late help at Roadblocks?
  • What is the real reason that Simi & Ope have struggled all season?
  • Why was the Roadblock judge awesome?
  • And how this leg was inspired by a former US season?

Also, the four hosts of the TARC podcasts this year are having a predictions pool. Each week, each person will rank the teams remaining in a power rankings style. If one team is placed in the correct place, the person who picked them in that place will receive one point. For two teams in the correct spot, they get three points, three teams in the correct place is worth six points, four teams in the correct place is worth ten points and all five teams in the correct spot earns fifteen points. As a result of this, there are no longer any bonus questions. The person who has the highest score at the end of twelve legs wins internet points, and the loser may be eliminated from the podcast.

Last week, Michael, Michelle & Eamon all had three placements correct, giving them six points each. Sadly with the new rules in play, Logan earned nothing, but everyone predicted a non-elimination so scored five points each for it being correct, leaving the current scores as Michelle (65), Eamon (65), Michael (62) and Logan (54).

week 10 picks


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