Podcast #90 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Episode 10 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada’s visit to the Okanagan, British Columbia! In this episode:

  • We learn which team has been sarcastically flirting.
  • Logan launches a campaign.
  • We find out what will happen if Gino & Jesse were to win the Fuel Your Favourite poll.
  • We discuss an unaired penalty that could have taken one team out of the Race.
  • Logan pulls a Trebek.
  • We learn why Logan’s dad loved the Roadblock.
  • Why every Canadian tenth episode has featured manure
  • Someone is described as “a bird trying to get in a window”
  • What happens when you quit a U-Turn?
  • We use listener questions to talk about what would happen if Logan were cast.
  • And a friend of the show is teased as making an appearance next week, so we issue a warning to him in advance.

Also, the four hosts of the TARC podcasts this year are having a predictions pool. Each week, each person will rank the teams remaining in a power rankings style. If one team is placed in the correct place, the person who picked them in that place will receive one point. For two teams in the correct spot, they get three points, three teams in the correct place is worth six points and all four teams in the correct place is worth ten points. As a result of this, there are no longer any bonus questions. The person who has the highest score at the end of twelve legs wins internet points, and the loser may be eliminated from the podcast.

Last week, Michael CRUSHED the opposition, with a perfect score of fifteen and making him the new leader. Logan had a decent week, scoring six points and Michelle & Eamon? Well, they tried and got one point each, leaving the current scores as Michael (77), Michelle (66), Eamon (66) and Logan (60).

Now that the bonuses have been retired, this week will feature a special DOUBLE points week, meaning that getting all four teams left in the correct place will score you twenty points, three would be twelve points, two would be six points and one would be two points.

week 11 picks


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