Podcast #91 – The Amazing Race 27 Season Preview

Logan and Michael return to preview the upcoming American season of Amazing Race! This week, we talk spoilers and how anyone who posts them should go die in a fiery pit, we learn why production may be trolling us, which racer will earn bonus points from me if he’s seen Wie is de Mol?, which team may be mistaken for the famous Irish actor, Shaquille O’Neal, who has a much creepier version of hunting trophies on their mantelpiece, who compared themselves to a cartoon cat with no face, we have a surprise appearance by a racer from Amazing Race Canada, the season gets a new subtitle, which racer has a contender for the dirtiest hobby of all tiiiiiime, which team is Gino & Jesse dressed as Nic La Monaca, Logan begins a hair feud and we pull a Joan Callamezzo to speculate WILDLY about the season in the absence of any truth from CBS.

Regular coverage begins Sunday 27th September!


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