Podcast #93 – The Amazing Race Canada 3 Finale Recap

Michael, Logan​ & Ben return to recap the finale of Amazing Race Canada 3, as well as break down what went well and what didn’t this season. In this episode:

  • We explain why Canada can’t do a Fast Forward every week.
  • We talk about wiki pages again.
  • Michael explains why the winners could be one of the worst ever.
  • We explain the difference between hiding the winners and burying the winners in an edit.
  • We talk terrible final memory challenges
  • We learn about mathematical hashtags and conversion raps.
  • Ben shows off some great geographical knowledge.
  • We discuss which racers are a “human bobblehead” and “a melted Ken doll” respectively.
  • Where should the finish line have been?
  • Why do production need to simmer down on Canadian pride (at least according to these two foreigners)?
  • Which franchise TARC should rip off next?
  • And what needs to happen for an all-female team to win TARC next season?

In the final pool standings, Michelle had another great week and got six points and she also won the final bonus point with a guess of 99 when the correct answer was 81. Eamon, Logan & Michael all only got one point, so the final scores are Michael (84), Michelle (79), Eamon (73) and Logan (67).


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