Podcast #94 – The Amazing Race 27 Episode 1 Recap

Michael, Logan​ & Michelle return to recap the first episode of Amazing Race 27 and its visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! This week, we start off the season with some first-world podcasting problems, we learn how producers have abandoned hiding that they always start in California, why Michelle is basically Justin, why Michael is still bitter about the TARC result, who Denise & James really resemble, we decide what Logan’s TARC intro shot should be if he gets cast, why it was a terrible idea to try and win the waterbike race, who needs to simmer down from her introduction, we talk about a worrying change in Fast Forward rules, we learn about Michelle’s kryptonite, Logan makes Tiffany lose, we help the leg winners decide how to use their power and why every TAR should be a little bit more Israeli.


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