Podcast #97 – The Amazing Race 27 Episodes 4 & 5 Recap

Michael makes his glorious return and joins Logan & Ben for the better-late-than-never episodes 4 & 5 recap of Amazing Race 27! In this episode:

  • We reveal why there wasn’t a podcast last week and what would have featured.
  • Michael makes Ben revisit his “interesting” pronunciations from the podcast whilst he was away.
  • We talk about maybe the most forgettable team in Race history.
  • We find out why Zambia is racist according to the internet
  • Which task was a double switchback (so intense)?
  • Ben takes credit for one of Logan’s facts.
  • Someone gets described (in a spectacular impression by Ben) as “old and decrepit”.
  • We defend one team’s cheapness during the first leg.
  • We learn about foreign Big Brother seasons.
  • We reveal that production hid a spoiler in the credits.
  • We try and work out whether the Race killed Cecil the Lion.
  • And we learn of a brand new feature coming to the newest Fitbit devices.

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