Podcast #98 – The Amazing Race 27 Episode 6 Recap

Michelle returns and joins Logan, Ben and Michael to recap the sixth Amazing Race 27 episode. In this episode:

  • We learn what passes for Halloween music in the UK.
  • Michelle says some more innuendo.
  • We explain why two of us will never badmouth Justin’s enthusiasm.
  • We give some Roadblock judge-style side-eye to some of the French pronunciation skills this week.
  • We celebrate the return of some of our favourite Canadian racers as we talk about how Canada would have tackled the stunt plane Roadblock.
  • Ben tells us what happened when he went to Paris.
  • We learn what office tool Australia is lacking.
  • Logan finds out about drop bears (and you can learn where they live for real!).
  • We notice some monogrammed hats.
  • We cast a team as the stars of a re-release of Pretty Fly for a White Guy.
  • And find out which team are “the embodiment of ‘could be worse’”.

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