Podcast #99 – The Amazing Race 27 Episode 7 Recap

Michael & Logan return to discuss Amazing Race 27’s seventh round and its visit to Amsterdam Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In this episode:

  • We mourn the loss of the two biggest characters of the season.
  • We explain why “a mosquito” may have been a cover story.
  • We discuss pointless cliffhangers.
  • We discuss the values of sightseeing when you’re in a Race.
  • Find out who would have been arrested had this leg been in an English or German-speaking country.
  • How did fans know where the Pit Stop was?
  • We all learn some Dutch.
  • Who should have taken the bus in Cindy & Rick’s place?
  • There’s a contender for the worst pun in Race history.
  • Which team would have earnt the most had they won the leg?
  • Logan feels inadequate thanks to a fun fact about Dutch people.
  • We pitch a new TV show.
  • Someone was sarcastically clapping.
  • And we look ahead to what special guests will join us for our hundredth podcast next week.

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