Podcast #100(!) – The Amazing Race 27 Episode 8 Recap

Michael, Logan, Ben & Michelle return for this special podcast – our hundredth – to recap Amazing Race 27’s visit to Krakow, Poland. In this episode:

  • We discuss the aftermath of last week’s tragic elimination.
  • Michelle takes offense to something that a team says.
  • We launch “This week in diabolical tweets”.
  • We discuss teams who stare at taxis.
  • Kids get abandoned.
  • Ben lets us know which one-hit wonder had a more successful career than anyone would have predicted.
  • Which Canadian pop classic was unexpectedly covered?
  • Michelle’s bacon runs out.
  • Who doesn’t know their Mozart from their Chopin?
  • Who is christened “the new Lillian Morris”?
  • Logan displays his lack of pop music knowledge.
  • And we reveal which team we would like to see crowned Amazing Race winners in four weeks’ time and what their celebration should be.

There’s also a special podcast milestone treat at the end of the show!


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