Podcast #101 – The Amazing Race 27 Episode 9 Recap

Michael, Logan, Ben & Michelle return to recap Amazing Race 27’s ninth episode and its visit to Agra, India. In this episode:

  • There’s a surprise intersection.
  • We create an all-star pub quiz team.
  • We ask whether Justin has a serial killer laugh.
  • We reveal what route marker the non-elimination penalty actually was.
  • Playground insults are somehow relevant to international seasons.
  • Ben falls asleep.
  • How should production have explained this season’s twists?
  • Michelle asks for a secret scene.
  • Who should have formed an alliance with Justin & Diana due to their mutual interests?
  • Who have officially become the villains of the season (at least according to the official page)?
  • And we find a good excuse to do a history lesson and talk about Ukrainian Amazing Race.



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