Podcast #104 – The Amazing Race 27 Finale Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return for the final time this season to recap Amazing Race 27’s visit to New York State. In this episode:

  • Yet another record is set by this season’s winners (or is it?).
  • What should the winners’ single have been?
  • Michael breaks a promise.
  • We come up with a codename for one of next season’s Racers in preparation for having to talk about him (and pitch a new segment).
  • Michelle has three rants.
  • We shed light on the unsung heroes of Amazing Race’s production.
  • Nintendogs has relevance to a task.
  • One Racer’s Roadblock performance sends him back into Amazing Race history.
  • A Golden Boy/Villain swears.
  • One team nearly wins by default.
  • Justin causes us to talk about Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • Two new racist dragons are discovered.
  • MAINE!
  • Phil Keoghan steals Allan Wu’s gimmick.
  • We exclusively reveal one of next season’s prizes.
  • And a mix-up with listener questions leads to both confusion and impersonation.

Next weekend, we’ll be doing our annual recap of the year – the Year in Review podcast – before announcing something HUGE (ohhh, I needed this) coming next year!


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