Podcast #105 – 2015 Year in Review

Michael, Logan, Ben, Michelle and Eamon are back for the final time this year to recap all the Amazing Race had to offer in 2015 with our Year in Review podcast. In this episode:

  • Find out why the starting line of the Amazing Race 26 wasn’t nearly the dirtiest one pair of racers got.
  • We discuss the team that had the most impact on production since Amazing Race 13’s bra-gate.
  • Michelle reveals a surprising fact about Amazing Race Australia.
  • We revisit the unaired Germany leg.
  • Someone else receives the Chris voice treatment.
  • 26 gets a new winner thanks to controversy.
  • There’s two behind-the-scenes stories about the Asian legs of 26 (thanks to Mikey and Rochelle!)
  • We reveal the real reason CBS pulled the plug on Elimination Station.
  • Logan tries to put Max & Elias in 2015’s Hall of Fame.
  • There’s a perfectly respectful discussion about how much the VoldeMussolinis suck.
  • Logan reveals an exclusive hint at his application for TARC4.
  • Learn about YATNcast pests.
  • Logan’s brother has a strong Amazing Race connection.
  • We risk being sued for millions of dollards when we discuss the Kayak Hockey task.
  • There’s comparisons made between Amazing Race Australia 2 and Amazing Race Canada 3.
  • Some fan fiction helps explain why Canada 3 sucks.
  • One American team proves more generous than all of Canada’s final five put together.
  • We find out who has custody of the goatee.
  • One team has “the best finale performance ever”.
  • Two tasks earn their producers’ a payrise.
  • Logan debuts a fantastic new impression.
  • Someone impersonates a Kardashian.
  • Our interview recaps lead to one team of Kiwi Ron Swansons.
  • And a huge bombshell *dramatic sting* is announced for next year’s podcasts.



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