Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #61 & #60: Kenny Lam & Kerry Allingham

Names: Kenny Lam & Kerry AllinghamKing of the Nerds

Show: King of the Nerds UK, Season 1

Placements: 3rd place, 6th place

A season defined by its fantastic cast, King of the Nerds UK saw the rise of one of the most maliciously snarky groups of people on a reality show this year in one of the teams – The Defenders of Time. Excluding defector Curtis, all members of the group brought a different flavour to the proceedings that melded into a top tier group, from laughably annoying first boot Robyn to eventual winner/by-the-books reality television villain Matt, King of the Nerdsand while cosplayer Kenny and competitive gamer Kerry were somewhat more wallpaper brand than the group’s standouts Karen and Matt, they provided excellent numbers to the final proceedings and standout moments of their own.

Their stories were somewhat piecemeal at first – Kerry got a more substantial edit as the show progressed, being shown to have overcome her public speaking skills in the Nerd Debate, while Kenny’s relevance peaked during the saga to remove Curtis, but as the numbers dwindled they emerged as sarcastic forces who hated all of the smug bores left on the opposing Team E.V.I.L. – of note was the extended sequence where, after losing the Episode 6 Physics Nerd War, they spent their entire scene where they should have been lamenting their loss and deciding who to send to the Nerd-Off instead mocking Mark’s celebratory style in increasingly elaborate ways for a good several minutes.

While Kerry was later eliminated that episode and Kenny placed in 3rd in the finale, they both provided ample assistance to their teammate Matt in corralling turncoats such as Hannah to help win against Mark in the final Nerd-Off, which he would eventually accomplish in one of the more unbelievable victories of the year, and they were both there with him snarking all the way.


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