Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #62: Lauren Brant

Name: Lauren Brant
lauren brantShow: I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! (Australia)
Placement: 11th place

In Australia’s own adaptation of the I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here series, a particular brand of evil was prevalent throughout the season. Barry Hall (who has already been given his own writeup) , Merv Hughes, and Andrew Daddo, the three old men of the season, wielded enough social power to delegate everyone to meaningless camp work roles, effectively suffocating all entertainment out of the season. Episodes would go by where nothing would happen except cavalcades of commentary on camp life, or how Daddo made a pair of chopsticks, or who was cooking food that day (it was usually Julie Goodwin). It was a grim time in an otherwise great series.

Enter Lauren Brant. lauren brant 2Ex-member of the children’s pop group Hi-5, it quickly became apparent that all the cheerfulness and enthusiasm fronted in the group was clearly a facade on her part and she was quite a shade-slinging pot-stirrer who despised all of the men’s existence. Lauren would pop up every few episodes to talk about how boring, annoying or awful any of the three aforementioned alphas were, stir them into an angry frenzy then sink back into the background. It never really endeared her to the audience, hence becoming the 4th boot of the season, but her courage to do so had a profound effect on the rest of the cast, giving them the courage to do so as well. This not only lead to the men’s quick ousters from the season, but also the rise of a new, funnier clique including Maureen McCormick, Chrissie Swan and Joel Creasey, who would all take turns in talking about how pathetic the mens’ existences were on the show.

Lauren’s legacy was remembered via a new shade-slinging vixen in Anna Heinrich, who continued her crusade against the men to a much higher 6th place finish. It would have been better for Lauren to finish in such a place, but her contribution remained short, meaningful, and far more impactful.


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