Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #59: Patsy Kensit

patsy kensitName: Patsy Kensit
Show: Celebrity Big Brother 15
Placement: 10th place

There are few Celebrity Big Brother housemates who enjoy their time in the Big Brother house. There are far more fairly unfond of their time, however long, in the house. But every so often comes along a contestant who despises every second they have had to spend in the house, has breakdowns every day to the point that they would scale the wall if it didn’t mean the loss of their paycheck, and lays on the Diary Room floor giving monosyllable answers to Big Brother. This is the story of Emmerdale actress Patsy Kensit.

In a landscape laid bare by the awful antics of Perez and Hopkins, Patsy held fast to the hope that she might escape with her sanity. Alongside the sexual assaults, the harassment, and the various types of misery to occur near or around her, Patsy would often sit on the floor unable to form full coherent sentences. She was once called to the Diary Room for a meditation task designed to mock her and was so unenthusiastic about the prospect of it the producers had to pull out her contract to remind her of what she signed up for. She would often storm off away from arguments involving Perez or Katie Hopkins, complain loudly to whoever’s nearby about how she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore and disappear for the rest of the episode, having gone to bed at 9pm.patsy kensit 2

It eventually became somewhat of a spectator sport, a running series plot, to see how long Patsy could last with her sanity intact. She somehow, against all odds, lasted 21 days into the series without having an irreversible emotional breakdown, and upon eviction ran screaming up the house stairs to the outside and freedom, never looking back into the house behind her and the people who made her life hell.

In a series as dire for organic storytelling as Celebrity Big Brother 15, the Patsy Kensit survival story was one of the more fully gripping storylines available for those sick and tired of Perez and Katie Hopkins’ 49th fight about him being annoying or her being a hateful bigot.


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