Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #54: Monique Booker

moniqueName: Monique Booker
Show: Hell’s Kitchen 14
Placement: 14th place

In a complete compare and contrast to T, Monique is someone who was defined by their determination, but undermined by their actual ability. Monique was a perfectly nice person who just happened to have no shot at making it to the end of the show, but to hell if she didn’t put up a fight for it anyway and make it pretty much double time past their expiration date.

Monique’s time on the show was defined from the moment she admitted to Gordon Ramsey that her signature dish she had made for him used sauce from a can, which everyone in the room subsequently acted like she had pulled down her pants and taken a dump right into the center of the plate. From that point on, all the chefs, including T and Alison and Gordon Ramsey himself, had her marked for death and an easy out from the show, and it almost happened in the very first episode had Chrissa not screwed up even worse than she had.

monique 2While she was safe the next few episodes because of the men’s team doing even worse than the women, Monique’s days looked numbered in Episode 4 when, after losing the service, the woman all conspired to have her eliminated, which Monique used to subsequently guilt Gordon Ramsey into booting the weaker less notable Mieka over herself. Many people when they find out the odds are against them crumble and fall, but Monique refused to let this happen to her, come hell or high water. She used what she had to make it one more episode over all odds, and even though she would later be eliminated not an episode later, it was a short inspiring tale of what happens when people with enough determination take their fate into their own hands, and that makes her one of the most noteable people on reality television this year.


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