Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #55: Torrece “T” Gregoire

tName: Torrece “T” Gregoire
Show: Hell’s Kitchen 14
Placement: Runner-up

It’s rarely so often we get a character that is not only a multi-faceted interesting human being, but the show they are on goes out of their way to portray them as such. This was the case of T Gregoire, one of the two chefs deemed qualified enough to almost become the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 14. There was a fair amount of doubt early on as to whether or not T had longetivity in the show not because of her ability as a chef, but because her story at first only revolved around her frustration with fellow chef Monique, to the point of a one-sided rivalry.

t 2But once Monique left several episodes into the show, it allowed for T’s journey to open up, allowing the audience to find out more about her – we find out about her child, her partner, her experiences as a lesbian woman of colour in a harsh industry, and most of all her determination. If she had won, it would have been the thing Chef Ramsey hired her for, and it was one of her most admirable traits as a chef and as a character on the show. She strove to do well and she did do well, as evident by her impressive track record of never being put up for elimination and making the Top 2 on top of that. Unlike most characters on reality television, it was presented in such a palatable way and came across in such a telegenic way that made T one of the easiest and biggest characters to root for in the season.

While T didn’t end up winning the season, she cemented herself as one of the most well-rounded characters in recent reality television history, and though that is not the same thing as a head chef position in Atlantic City, it hopefully means a lot in the grand scheme of things somewhere.


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