Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #56: Dujean & Leilani

dujean leilaniNames: Dujean Williams & Leilani Ross
Show: The Amazing Race Canada 3
Placement: 5th place

Canadian reality shows are known for their diverse and unique casting that flies against stereotypes, and this was evident from the moment Dujean & Leilani started the race. There have been teams of ex partners on the race before, but they were usually older, more adjusted individuals that deal with their problems in a surprisingly mature way. Dujean & Leilani are both 25 years old, professional dancers and deal with being in close quarters with their ex-partners exactly as expected – that is, they tended to bicker to kingdom come when the going got tough. But on the flipside, they also showed an amazing amount of depth in their time on the race, and provided such a strong journey and experience throughout the season.

Their story was rocky from the start, as tensions tended to boil over early – they started fighting as early as Chile, for something as simple as finding directions in the midst of a selfie challenge, but even through this they remained strong and focused throughout their troubles. They even managed to have fun, which, in a day and age of reality television that tends to focus on the negative but controversial characters, was a welcome change.

dujean leilani 2As the end of the season drew even nearer, though, they managed to become threats to win in their own right, as the biggest competition left were Gino & Jesse, who had a knack for faltering in the 11th hour as what happened at various points during the season. Dujean & Leilani had several wins under their belt and looked poised to make the finale, but an aggressively physical leg coupled with a U-Turn ended up pushing the two exes out of the race in 5th place.

While it would have been a storybook ending to see Dujean and Leilani get back together as a result of the race, they ended up cementing that they did not work together as a couple as a result of the race, and it seemed a fitting end to their time on The Amazing Race Canada. They were, to use an overused turn of phrase, more raw and real as a team that tends to have their problems cast on reality television and it’s because of this and their ability to find the fun and intensity that was so enjoyable in their time on the race that they make the list.


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