Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #52: Gabi Grecko

gabi 1Name: Gabi Grecko
Show: Celebrity Apprentice Australia 4
Placement: 12th/7th place

There exist rare moments in reality television where a designated first boot somehow makes it far into the show – Gabi Grecko, one of the most unstable, useless and overall incompetent people to have ever been cast on a show ostensibly about business, should have simply been in a single episode. But an unwelcome set of circumstances saw her introduced back into the show at the halfway point, where she started to take control of the show.

Introduced into the show as Geoffrey Edelsten’s new wife, Gabi was destined for a one episode arc when, during the first challenge, she discovered her husband’s infamous book in the items they were required to sell and ended up having a tear-filled meltdown over it. She was subsequently sidelined by her entire team for the rest of the challenge, not being given an opportunity to even try and help out, and subsequently fired “with regret” by Mark Bouris. A substantial arc for someone who was only in the premiere.

But as fate would have it, Gina Liano ended up withdrawing from the competition several episodes later, and, as Gabi was the only person from the team who had left, she was brought back in to replace her. While she promised to show what she was capable of for the duration, it was revealed that she lacked any of the skills or abilities she promised she possessed, being hilariously incapable of doing anything required of her, whether it be learning lines for television, working the set of a television show, or even just helping out in general. The only reason she was not booted was because the other team somehow did worse, which was a miracle in itself.gabi 2

It all came to a close next episode when she was forced into the role of Project Manager for a sports event, where she completely fell apart even at the simple act of supervising the cooking of pizzas. Despite her lack of skill in anything, she explained herself as someone who genuinely did want to do work and earn money for her charity, and was once again “with regret” fired by Mark Bouris in what was considered one of the “nicest” firings in the show’s short history.

For someone treated as such a joke by the show, it was amazing how the people around her, including those who scolded her, treated her with respect and sometimes admiration. For someone who hadn’t received the best go in life by the media, it was enlightening to see become treated well by her peers and make it far into a season she was destined never to do well on.


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