Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #53: Kelley Wentworth

kelleyName: Kelley Wentworth
Show: Survivor: Cambodia
Placement: 4th place

Initially barely even a footnote on her original season, Kelley Wentworth returned to Survivor on the back of an ultra successful social media campaign, despite only placing a mere 14th place in San Juan Del Sur. While it was dubious at best as to whether or not she would improve her initial placement, let alone become a notable character, she quickly swept all doubts away as the game progressed, becoming one of the biggest most influential characters of the season.

From the first second of the game, Kelley Wentworth bounded around camp with the nuance of an ORG player, erratically (and successfully) making allies and finding idols, concocting moments and generally setting the season on what appeared to be the right path. Even in her down moments, she was still kicking renowned misogynist Terry Deitz under the bus with the subtlety of a stage magician and getting intertwined in storylines with known luminaries such as Kass McQuillan and Abi-Maria Gomes, In her best moments, she was idoling Andrew Savage out of the game and working for every opportunity she could to progress further in the game, allies or no. Barely anyone she started the game with she ended her game with, since her first ally ended up being part of a group of people who would all mostly be out before the merge and her last ally was someone who was gunning for her most of the merge only to stick with her when the alliance of Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer reared their heads.

Kelley 2While the edit she received never really made her too well rounded as a character, more of a player, it was just fun to watch Kelley Wentworth play Survivor. The mark of someone who should be on Survivor is not someone who is good at playing Survivor, but someone whom it is fun to watch playing Survivor. There have been many people who fit the former, and they tend to never make lists such as these. The latter are rarer but deserve all the accolades they can get, because with the direction the show is going it would rather see people like Spencer rewarded over fun, erratic people who make the game actually interesting like Kelley Wentworth.


2 responses to “Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #53: Kelley Wentworth

    • For sure Jeremy would have lost to Kelley had she made the end. By the time it came down to the Final 6 I really did think (and hope!) Kelley had it in the bag but that final immunity challenge killed her.


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