Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #51: Matt Barr

Name: Matt Barr
Show: King of the Nerds UK 1
Placement: Winner

It’s rare for a show to go outside of it’s usual tradition of a bland, straight, white, male winning its premiere season. It’s even rarer for the first winner of a series to outright make their winner into the show’s villain, with cartoonish red evil eyes edited into the occasional confessional and everything. Such was the case with King of the Nerds UK winner Matt, who got one of the least flattering winner edits in recent reality television history, but subsequently became one of the better winners of the year.

One of Matt’s first actions on the show was to help put together possibly the greatest team imaginable – The Defenders of Time. As evident by the fact that two of them have already received their own writeup, this was a team of stars, and also Curtis. It also turned out that his villainy was the tamest kind imaginable, tame for possibly even an early-2000s television audience, as it was simply light arrogance and not being a courteous human being as commonly expected by those who watch the show who don’t normally watch any kind of show. That is to say, he was a villain in the loosest definition of the word.

matt 1Much like the rest of his team, Matt was also a sarcastic snarky (but funny) asshole. His confessionals, when not talking about his team or making some sort of nerdy/geeky reference, were often in derision of the other, more boring, more self-serious team that apposed them. Once again, he along with his entire team’s reaction to losing the Nerd War in episode 6 was to make extended mockery of one of their enemies celebration. In a season that was often too juvinile and took itself far too seriously on that front, it was a welcome change of pace.

By the time Matt made it to the finale, he’d undergone a transformation in his story from the skeevy mob boss to someone who was genuinely heartened to have friends. Defectors from Decadence (from Mark) were throwing themselves at him to be on his team and he ended up, with the help of his team, winning the season over its boring pre-destined winner, and one of the better winners of the reality television year.


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