Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #49: Da’Vonne Rogers

davonne 1Name: Da’Vonne Rogers
Show: Big Brother US 17
Placement: 16th place

Big Brother in the US is rarely known for its movers and shakers as of late. The entirety of the 2014 season was run from start to finish by a selection of self-righteous insidious bores who ruined the season from the start. Enter the cast of 2015, filled to the brim with people who were ready, willing and able to kick off from the start, many of whom will make this list and one of whom is being ranked right now. Da’Vonne Rogers.

davonne 2Da’Vonne was not someone ever afraid to back down, or let her name go mentioned in the house without her say. In the first few weeks, when normal housemates are too afraid to rock the boat for fear of being an easy target, Da’Vonne was a a proactive instigator, one who actively rocked the boat so hard without fear of who would fall off or sink below. She was the one who cornered Audrey and called her out on her two weeks of manipulation, she was the one who was not afraid to make the moves necessary to get who was a threat to her game out of the house, she was the one who sussed out the Twin Twist by finding out that one twin was fatter than the other, and she was not afraid, one iota, to become the most quotable, gif-able contestant within the first six episodes of programming.

While Da’Vonne did not last long in the house, being an immediate target of Shelli once Shelli became the Head of Household, and she was not able to turn the game around when he back was against the wall, she made a momentous impact on the show, alongside the many other stirrers of drama planted into the BBUS17 house. For those reasons and more she makes the Top 50 Reality TV contestants of the year.



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