Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #48: Sam Curry

sam 1Name: Sam Curry
Show: The Apprentice UK 11
Placement: 10th place

In the grand Apprentice tradition of editing gay men out of existence, Sam was simply an attractive post piece of scenery for the first four episodes. He did have a bit part in the discount buying task in France due to him speaking French but he was otherwise an unremarkable articulate other. But that would all change when Episode 5 came around – the ill-fated children’s book episode. Envisioned in the mind of a man desperate to make the perfect children’s book came “Snottydink”. Not the story of a leaking member, as the name implies, but instead the story of an elephant-like creature that shoots water from its trunk while the other members of its species shoot fire. Accompanying this story was Sam and his assistant Project Manager Elle fluttering around the room coming up with alleged idea after perfect idea, only for the story to bomb with the focus groups and the selling for being weird and off-putting, despite, as Sam put it, Aristotle Greek literature theory into its entire creation.

sam 2Sam was somehow not fired for coming up with one of the strangest surrealist story books in existence and had the good fortune to stay around for several more episodes, being one of the only bearable men of the season. Cast alongside a variety of interchangeable business bros and also Richard, Sam’s presence was a breath of fresh air on the season. While he didn’t last as long as many of the men he was cast aside, instead being one of the only three to leave before the halfway point, Sam was a welcome addition to the series and added a different flavour to the proceedings.

This author now urges you all to follow his Instagram, a wonderful place where magical things happen for everyone to enjoy.


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