Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #44: Ori Perl

oriName: Ori Perl
Show: King of the Nerds US 3
Placement: 9th place

In a season run by an alliance of boring nerds, it was up to the quirky, weird nerds to topple them. They were never up to the task, but they filled an entertaining role in the show in the meantime, in a season that was becoming increasingly stale due to the aforementioned boring nerds getting rid of the more interesting ones. One of these nerds was Ori Perl, LARPer who quite possibly had never interacted with another person in their entire life.

Yes he did have a girlfriend and yes he did have someone who taught him his LARPing skills, as he repeatedly stated throughout the season, but it takes a rare person to have such… ‘unique’ interactions with the people around him and still come off as the most endearing person on his entire team. It was rocky shoals at first, due to a misfired sexist joke in the first episode, but as the show progressed it became clear he wasn’t sure how to make any joke, let alone one that handled the delicate field of feminism. As the show progressed even further, it became even clearer that unlike a fair few people from his own season, he didn’t hold a malicious bone in his body and like any nerd, let alone one shoved onto the comfy confines of reality television, just wanted to be accepted.

ori 2Unfortunately, in spite of making up for his misdeeds to the team, that acceptance would never come, and he was still voted out by his team in Episode 4 with nary a clue as to what he did wrong. The Secret Six claimed another victim and he was voted into the Nerd-Off against champion Colby, where he stood no chance. But like every season it wasn’t the end of the road for Ori, as he returned in the finale with the rest of the cast to help a member of the final four and he, alongside Colby, helped fellow outcast Kaitlin, forming a formidable team that almost made the final two.

While Ori was doomed to failure from the moment he set foot in Nerdvana, he was an entertaining and likeable watch and makes him a Top 2 contestant from his season alone, as well as one of the best reality television personalities of the year.


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