Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #47: Neil & Kristin

Neil KristinName: Neil Lumsden & Kristin Lumsden
Show: The Amazing Race Canada 3
Placement: 7th place

While an overall good cast for one of the better reality shows out there, one of the defining features of the cast of The Amazing Race Canada 3 was how they all took a fair amount of time to emerge from their shells. Neil & Kristin were more low-key in this aspect at first, but by the time the Express Pass came into play, they, or more specifically Kristin, had finally come alive as a character.

Running the first two legs with little of anything to note, their first real moment as characters was approaching Hamilton & Michaelia, holders of the season’s Double Express Pass, in Argentina and Kristin muttering through clenched teeth and wide eyes “How much am I going to have to kiss your ass to get that Express Pass?”, baffling and scaring them. They would later prove to not need the Express Pass by winning the leg, but they returned back to form next leg, with Kristin being utterly terrified of the prospect of having to go near lobsters, with Neil reminding her that they were not, in fact, shooting them out of the air.

neil kristin 2By the time they reached the Magdalen Islands, however, they had emerged as a hilarious force to be reckoned with. While overall scary and tragic, Kristin’s completely over-the-top reaction to having her muscles cramp up became the highlight of the episode, and in spite of the debilitating injury they survived the leg to annoy and frustrate the teams around them even further – Kristin used the forensics task in Sudbury as an opportunity to cackle and shriek forevermore, bringing flavour to what had become an otherwise pale race.

Unfortunately for the season, they ended up taking a risky penalty in Saskatoon that backfired on them and resulted in them being prematurely eliminated in 7th place. While their flame shone bright and quickly, it’s a testament to just how brightly it shone that they make some of the greatest reality stars of the year.


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