Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #43: Nick Peters

nickName: Nick Peters
Show: Hell’s Kitchen 14
Placement: 5th place

One of the things that keeps the ever present sexism tolerable on reality television is when someone, or some people, exist purely to put those responsible in their place repeatedly. Often it was the women creaming the men at challenges for half the season. The rest of the time, it was Nick.

Nick Peters had zero time for his team’s bullshit. Whenever the men of the team such as Josh, Bret, or Adam were neck-deep in their own alpha posturing, Nick was always there with a covert eyeroll or snarky confessional to remind them of their worth, and how they were all in the same competition. In fact Nick’s most memorable moment of the first half of the season was his bit part in Bret’s medical evacuation, where he gleefully told Bret via confessional not to let the door hit him on the way out, a welcome response to someone who had evacuated themselves from the show via toilet. Nick’s targets were many and plenty, and were always towards the boring characters or the unlikable characters, so it never grew old or tired or mean.

nick 2But Nick was more than just a misanthrope towards men – he made genuine connections with many of the chefs on the show, including T, with whom he bonded over their shared LGBT identity working in hospitality, and Michelle, with whom he had a late-season friendship with and almost looked poised to cruise to the final two with if Meghan and T didn’t end up becoming two of the strongest chefs ever on the show. While it was always fun watching Nick snark up a storm towards the unbearable characters of his season, it was just as fun watching him make genuine connections with the people he was working with and competing against.



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