Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #39: Jenn Brown

jenn 1Name: Jennifer “Jenn” Brown
Show: Survivor: Worlds Apart
Placement: 9th place

In a sea of self-proclaimed “superfans” who all professed their undying love for the show, Jenn stands in stark contrast. While not a random recruit from the streets of Los Angeles, Jenn is someone who watched the show growing up, but didn’t dedicate her life, love and freedom to it. She is, for all intents and purposes, a rather average woman who just so happens to like Survivor, in stark contrast to the Maxes and the Shirins and the Dans of the Survivor world who build their entire identity around their desire to be remembered as the greatest “superfan” ever.

Quite frankly, Jenn’s purpose was to mock these people and more. When Max started rattling off the star signs of all the Survivor winners, Jenn called him a delusional weirdo. When Shirin was doing similar, the same happened. When Vince started to get uncannily attached to her, she shredded him in confessional after confessional before having him voted out. She was never any less than upfront about how people who take Survivor too seriously have problems, or even post-show about how nobody stable tries to turn their one appearance into multiple appearances. Jenn was blunt, funny, smart, level-headed and occasionally shockingly mean, a not-oft seen combination in late Survivor seasons, making her a shocking rarity in the canon of Survivor.

jenn 2It was her ambivalence towards taking the show as seriously as it likes to be taken that lead to her late-game actions of trying to throw herself under the bus for the benefit of her alliance members, such as Joe and Shirin, who all wanted to be in the game much more than she did. Yet when push came to shove and Shirin became a victim of abuse under the forces of obnoxiousness that made up the majority alliance, she dedicated herself to finding ways to unhinge the status quo rather than throwing in the towel, and eventually gave an impassioned speech towards the jury trying to swing them towards voting for Mike to win the season. Both of these examples showed that even though Jenn claimed to be above it all and not as engrossed in her show as everyone around her, she still managed to get sucked into the developing drama of it all just as easily as those she mocked, making her a rather well-rounded figure to have as one of the best figures of the Survivor, and reality television, year.


2 responses to “Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #39: Jenn Brown

    • Jenn has a bit of a sketchy past when it comes to certain aspects (her Twitter activity before she got on the show was definitely alarming) and sometimes she could be a bit /too/ mean in not a fun way for my tastes.


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