Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #40: Logan & Chris

logan chris 1Names: Logan Fazio & Chris Gordan
Show: The Amazing Race 27
Placement: 3rd place

There have been many, many dating couples over the years The Amazing Race has been on air. They may run their race without incident or fight, or they may occasionally bicker. But Logan and Chris decided to go above and beyond the call of duty and turn their bickering into performance art. No squabble was too small, no incident too unimportant for either of the two dating paparazzo to turn into an explosive argument that encompassed several minutes of television at a time.

logan chris 2Of course there really was no indication at the beginning that the two would end becoming the most explosive focus of the season outside of Justin and Diana. In their first episode they seemed to be quite down to earth, regular and frank about their life and work, and ran an average leg. But something, whether it be the travel fatigue or any other number of problems, prompted Logan and Chris to start taking out their frustration on each other over the course of the next eleven episodes in increasingly elaborate ways. They fought over collecting garbage. They fought over deciding on a Detour choice. They fought on not deciding on a Roadblock choice. They fought over moving a children’s carnival ride. They fought over pants. They fought over who they liked more out of the other teams. While they weren’t the most three dimensional of characters, Logan and Chris’s enthusiasm for elaborate pantomime conflict put them on the map for all the correct, entertaining reasons.

And in one of the craziest revelations of recent history, Logan and Chris were insanely close to taking the win. In the final leg, they were forced out of a cab by eventual winners Joey & Kelsey, which would end up being a game-changing decision for the final three. Had they not removed themselves from their cab, could they have won The Amazing Race 27? It’s almost impossible to say, given they practically fell out of the running halfway through the leg, but it’s always an entertaining possibility that the most explosive and combative team of a season could, once again, win against all storytelling odds.


One response to “Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #40: Logan & Chris

  1. Another great choice. I wish Logan & Chris had won The Amazing Race, because they weren’t Justin & Diana (despite I like J&D) and Kelsey & Josh weren’t snarky (K&J were great as well though) so I love Logan & Chris.


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