Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #42: Joel Creasey

joel 2Name: Joel Creasey
Show: I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! (Australia)
Placement: 5th place

Joel Creasey was put on his season of I’m A Celebrity as the official Token Gay Casting Choice, as well as the token comedian, and he filled both roles with gusto. When he wasn’t filling the show’s airwaves with snark at his fellow celebrity’s expense, he was a happy founding member of the iconic alliance of the season alongside Chrissie Swan and Maureen McCormick. While none of them ended up winning the season, their fun and warm compassion they contained for each other made this season an absolute standout in terms of premiere reality show seasons.

When Joel wasn’t being snarky and sarcastic at the expense of the un-holy Barryjoel 1 -Merv-Daddo trinity, he was faux-gushing over his framed photo of Harry Styles. When he wasn’t doing that, he was fulfilling the dream of every gay man who grew up in the 2000s by becoming the best friend of Big Brother Australia alumni Chrissie Swan. When he wasn’t doing that, he was tragically failing whatever Tucker Trial he was voted into because he was laughably physically inept.

In essence, Joel was part of the makeup of an entire year’s worth of gay casting, but unlike a lot of the other pieces he earned his spot in other ways, not simply because the cast needed a young gay guy. Joel was forever worth going to a confessional to, forever part of an amazing alliance and, much like previous list inductee Nick, forever using the alpha men of his season not as leaders, but as punching bags for his words, and it’s for these reasons and more he makes the 2015 list.


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