Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #36: Charleine Wain

charleine 1Name: Charleine Wain
Show: The Apprentice UK 11
Placement: 5th place

Charleine Wain came onto the latest season of The Apprentice UK with an interesting, unique and somewhat tragic backstory – a former Navy leading hand who lost one of her children to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, who eventually became an award winning owner of a major salon despite having no previous business experience is a prelude to many a success story on The Apprentice, but the reality was even better, as it was slowly revealed that her success relied on her ability to efficiently shriek down anyone who apposed her

This side of her started to reveal itself alongside the emergence of fellow contestant Selina, and the two locked horns from the word go. Their conflict was perfectly matched for each other, as Charleine would spray metaphorical acid at her enemies but Selina remained incapable of being phased by anything so it only made Charleine angrier and more determined in her methods. While it did lead to a brief team-up with awful characters such as Joseph and David, it never really tainted Charleine in the long run as such teamups are wont to do, because even then she would end up on a team with Richard and briefly antagonize him for an entire episode (coincidentally enough, the Children’s Book episode mentioned extensively in the previous Apprentice UK entry).

charleine 2While Charleine had many flaws and her method of engagement could have badly had it been directly in an even more malicious way, it luckily never ended up in such a way and her flaws enhanced her character rather than stifle it. Even beyond her rivalries, she was an enjoyable person to watch succeed throughout the season and somehow endeared herself to Lord Sugar, in spite of her offputting conflict resolution skills. She was even given a “with regret” as she was fired after the interviews, which is a constant rarity in the show, and even we have to put a “with regret” on her entry for its relative lowness. This year’s crop of contestants was so strong, and not everyone could end up a winner in the end.


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