Podcast #106 – Hell’s Kitchen 15 Episode 1 Recap

Benjamin Powell officially launches Reality TV Warriors, with the help of new signing Heather Nicole Smith, to recap Hell’s Kitchen 15’s premiere! In this episode:

  • Hear how Heather actually made the podcast.
  • Ben gets drunk and sings, does impressions and makes animal noises.
  • The season gets a typical understated Vegas-style introduction.
  • One former winner joins the cast of a Kevin Smith movie.
  • There’s a respectful discussion of names without going a bit Waterworth.
  • Heather reveals her relation to a Takeshi’s Castle character.
  • Ben tells us what they really serve on aeroplanes (at least in Australia).
  • The legal team get summoned.
  • Both Ben & Heather’s diets are examined.
  • Heather mocks casual fans.
  • The first black jacket predictions are made.
Black Jacket Prediction Contestant
1 Manda
2 Jackie
3 Sherkeena
4 Ashley
5 Hassan
6 Frank

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