Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #32: Julia Nolan

julia 1Name: Julia Nolan
Show: Big Brother US 17
Placement: 6th place

When Big Brother 17 started and it was revealed to the audience that the Twin Twist would be repeated, it became the biggest open secret in the cast due to people like Da’Vonne and Jason figuring the Nolan Sisters out in Week 2. Laura Prepon voice double Liz had her own double in Julia, and together they were a pair of spaced out Miami party girls who had barely even watched the show before, who both got swooped under the wing of the fledgling Clay/Shelli/Vanessa alliance and along with Austin formed the Sixth Sense alliance that later steamrolled the competition. Not bad for a pair of recruits.

Fortunately, the twins had their own drama to deal with – namely, Liz started to get involved with the rapidly deteriorating in sanity Austin, and Julia was there as a metaphorical life preserver in order to try and keep her sister afloat. The three formed the alliance of “Austwins” once both Shelli and Clay were booted from the house, which became unstable from the word Go due to the fraught rivalry between the two sisters and their disagreement over Austin; Austin and Julia over Liz; and Liz and Austin themselves whenever another man came into their vicinity and Austin became wounded and jealous.julia 2

The machiavellian miniature arc between the three came to a close at the Final 6 when their relationship ultimately destructed with the three of them being nominated over the course of the week. As much as Julia was the more enjoyable twin and seemed to have a better grasp on people and the game, Liz was seen as instrumental in helping Vanessa and Austin proceed so Liz was forced to watch as her allies cut her own sister, in by far one of the most intense weeks of Big Brother in the series.

While twin housemates normally never deviate from each other and remain quite static in the house (and as such would normally be ranked together), Liz posessed a number of glaring character flaws that were completely absent in Julia which threw her off the list – namely, her abrasiveness was a little less tongue in cheek and a lot more aggressive, and her post-Julia weeks wore out their welcome fast. However, the Nolan twins were instrumental in the fraught, frantic environment of the Big Brother 17 house and while Liz may not make the list, Julia is there to pick up the rest of the slack.


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