Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #33: Kass McQuillan

Name: Kass McQuillan
Show: Survivor: Cambodia
Placement: 13th place

Coming into her Second Chance season was someone whose entire reputation preceded them. Kass was renowned for the moniker the show gave to her, Chaos Kass, someone who made moves to stir up frenzy and chaos and cause arguments and confusion, someone who everyone hated for being a mouthy opinionated woman, someone who reveled in people not liking her and didn’t care for them either, somewhat of a pathological liar, and someone who in spite of all that is entirely possible could have won due to the allegations regarding Woo.

So when Kass finally received her second chance, there was much buzz around whether or not she would become the first boot of the season, or if it was possible, against all odds, she could build upon her legacy. And for a while it looked like neither would happen – as it turns out, when Kass isn’t around raging egotists like, well, the entire Luzon tribe, she is actually a fairly level-headed person who builds up great rapport with the people she lives with. She made friendship bracelets for the members of her tribe. She had a tearful confessional about Terry’s son and her own parenthood. It seemed as if the Chaos was gone from Cambodia.



But fortunately, the re-introduction of Spencer into her Survivor life provided the fire with which she decided to light more Chaos. Upon her throne, she toyed with the life of Spencer when she became his swing vote against Woo. She exposed Tasha as an obvious lying schemer she was, formed the righteous Witches Coven alliance of Cambodia before flaming out in 13th place, but still becoming the first member of the jury.

Even more fortunately, her story didn’t end with her elimination – she achieved the lifelong dream of being able to become the foreman of the jury and cut down Spencer and refuse to let him receive a single jury vote, let alone that of herself, leading to his wonderful 10-0-0 loss against Jeremy. Kass may have had her time in Cambodia cut short, but she still added to her Survivor legacy within those few episodes and easily became one of the most notable Survivor contestants of the year.


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