Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #35: Richard Woods

richard 1Name: Richard Woods
Show: The Apprentice UK 11
Placement: 3rd place

There is something to be said about the magic of reality television that lets people with no real right to become a business owner suddenly come one bad business plan away from being in the winner’s circle, but those words would be tough to come by when describing Richard Woods. Richard was introduced to the audience via his word-salad resume, which Lord Sugar held up and read for everyone present and was filled with so much pointless business buzzwords he was roundly mocked for it. He would follow this up via eleven episodes of outright buffoonery in the best way possible.

Richard would use the visionary technique of feigning speed skating through a mall to get people to come to his team’s discount store. He would fall asleep mid-reward to the mockery of his teammates. He would play up the facade of a pompous English twit in order to lure sellers into a false sense of security. Richard had some of the most bizarre selling techniques seen across the show and they all seemed to lead to success, to the consternation of his teammates.

richard 2This all of course led to most of the cast being unable to stand the sight of him – David, Scott and Joseph in particular were relentless in their bitching about him, even though he would regularly outperform them and place better than most of them, apart from eventual winner Joseph. Charleine engaged in a short rivalry with him as she would constantly undermine him whenever they shared the same team, such as constantly asking to talk to another teammate when she would call his sub-team. His most notable and fun character interaction would end up being with Vana, with whom he formed an Abbott and Costello routine with throughout the second half of the show.

Richard Woods was a treasure throughout his season, bring hilarity in both intentional and unintentional ways as well as being a rootworthy underdog due to the amount of people who doubted him, and as such is the third person from his show to make the Best of 2015.


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