Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #29: Gina Liano

gina 1Name: Gina Liano
Show: Celebrity Apprentice Australia 4
Placement: 10th place

Australia tends to be a culture that looks down upon anyone who sees themselves as the best, especially if they’re not members of the patriarchy. In comes Gina Liano, who knows she’s the richest, most successful, most famous person in a room and will not hesitate to inform those around her of that. Not only that, she will strive to prove it at every opportunity so it does not come as a shock when she does out-do the people who surround her at whatever they hope to achieve, because she with forthrightly inform you of her own success. That is the gestalt of Gina Liano in a nutshell.

One of the stars of new Australian hit show The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Gina came in as currently the most well-known of the cast. Blake could take his Bachelor credits, Tim could take his 90-something days of Big Brother, Gina was the one with the real fame. Those who had not seen her show before probably expected her to be a high-strung diva with zero skills relating to the program, and were quickly proven wrong when she took charge in the first task with aplomb. While it did not win her the task, Mark easily saw her ability and kept her from being fired. She returned in task two in order to draw in an astounding number of donors for the boat tour task, whilst taking reigns of the festivities to promote her new book and turn the entire experience into a Gina Liano Q & A, which was massively successful to the point that they creamed the other team in winnings. This would be repeated for the following task, in spite of Gina not managing to do much of anything, due to once again bringing in a hefty amount of donors.

gina 2It seemed as though the female team was unstoppable, and they may as well have been, because it seemed divine intervention was needed to help even the odds by putting Gina in the hospital due to a stomach infection, leading to her unfortunate withdrawl from the competition. She eventually became well enough to return in the finale, where even as a member of Tim’s team she held the same amount of professional attitude combined with forthright confidence that made her a star in her original three episodes. She even managed to get into a tussle with Richard Reid, known for demolishing anyone in his way with his screaming, and casually dismissed him over his lack of taking “bitchy pills” that morning.

Gina was a generous combination of both wonderful and slightly ridiculous, and could have been a contender for the upper-upper echelons had she not been taken from the show too soon. Everything she gave to the show, however, was without a doubt worth the price of admission.


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