Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #30: Tiffany & Krista

Names: Tiffany Chantell Torres & Krista DeBono
Show: The Amazing Race 27
Placement: 4th place

Kelly & Shevonne, first boots of The Amazing Race 27, had their defining moment before flying out to Brazil, where they sat around making fun of the other times in trite and unoriginal ways. On top of coming up with the creative name of “creepy” for mother/son team Denise & James Earl, they harped on cheerleaders Tiffany & Krista for having the audacity to be wearing makeup while on television. Tiffany & Krista would go on to beat Kelly & Shevonne that leg, pushing them out of the race in a distant 11th place, disproving all estimations of the cheerleaders in a single leg.

In a nutshell, that was Tiffany & Krista’s story spread over eleven episodes. Even though there were constant doubts as to their ability to succeed – from others, the audience, and sometimes even themselves – Tiffany & Krista consistently proved anyone who doubted them wrong in their ability and made it all the way to the penultimate leg of the season, beating consistently “stronger” teams in the process. In a show with a certain ideal for successful teams of either gender, such as Tanner & Josh for the men and Jaszmine & Danielle for the women, Tiffany & Krista proved that there is no mold for success. By the time they were the only female team left in the season, they had reached the point where their strengths were available to use – n.b., their absolute annihilation of the Paris leg, they being the one team to almost pass the juggernaut Justin & Diana by the time the race was halfway done. Their struggles at the beginning of the season were afterthoughts as Tiffany & Krista seemed poised to make the final leg.

tiffany krista 2To a point, they never lost themselves over the course of the race – they remained just as happy, bubbly and enthusiastic in Leg 11 as they had been in Leg 1, a sharp contrast to a majority of the other teams in the endgame who all had something to prove or something to take seriously. Not that Tiffany & Krista never took the race seriously, but they never let their problems or their desire to win consume them, and they stayed true to themselves as well as to the spirit of the race. Compared to the vast amount of other reality television shows out there, The Amazing Race is an overall fun show and definitely needs fun people to make it as far as possible, and Tiffany & Krista were those fun people. Their enthusiasm for visiting new countries was infectious, a desired trait in a show that seems to emphasize the Ugly American.

Tiffany & Krista ultimately proved not that they were more than pretty made-up cheerleaders, but instead that there was absolutely nothing wrong with being pretty made-up cheerleaders, in spite of what other female teams on their season might say. They placed 4th in easily one of the toughest seasons in recent years, by no means a small feat, and lit up the screen whenever featured. By far the best team on their season, and an easy slot in the top half of reality television contestants of the year.



One response to “Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #30: Tiffany & Krista

  1. I never thought them as the team who succeeded who shouldn’t have succeeded. I really liked Tiffany & Krista this season


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