Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #24: Chloe Wilburn

chloe 1Name: Chloe Wilburn
Show: Big Brother UK 16
Placement: Winner

2015, for the most part, seemed hell bent on making up for the egregious lack of female Big Brother winners, and Chloe was no exception. Marketed as a “Normal Girl”, Chloe took her role to the extreme throughout the season, to the point that it became almost a parody. But by the end of the show, she’d evolved beyond her own label and become a force in her own right, earning her the title of Big Brother 2015 winner.

At first it seemed as though Chloe had little to offer in content, as she seemed to pale in comparison to the madness surrounding her. Her most prominent role in the first two weeks was her role as the mole in the first horror house themed shopping task, but apart from that she very much fell into the background. That would change once the Four In Four Out twist hit and Marc was introduced into her life, upon which she transformed into the foremost anti-Marc townsperson of the house. While people like Nick and Joel were all too willing to lap up what Marc was selling, Chloe would have none of it, and alongside Danny would regularly line up to tear a strip from Marc’s persona bit by bit. Marc would regularly go after Chloe because of his rampant misogyny and hatred for women, but this never dissuaded her from her duties.

chloe 2Another scrap Chloe got herself into was against Simon Gross, who came into the house under the pretense of somebody, but Chloe was even more dutifully there to remind him that they were all, in fact, in the same house and he was just as much a nobody as she was and he would never be famous. She was even more dogged in her pursuit of Simon, and given how it was seen as one of her best moments of the series, it’s entirely possible it’s one of the things that sealed her victory.

While the latter stages of the show, where Helen came in and Cash-Bomb week, were slightly weaker points, it ultimately didn’t matter in the end as Chloe would end up defeating all the men in an incredibly lopsided vote for the win. Chloe’s win was a landmark win in the series – on a channel that lampoons regular people or anyone who doesn’t scream at the top of their lungs 24/7 and instead champions people like Jim Davidson, Helen Wood, Katie Hopkins or Marc O’Neill, it was a massive relief to see someone who could really be classified as a good person win the show. At this point, it seems almost shockingly rare, so it’s a good thing Chloe was there to take out the win for her series, even if she was too good for it.


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