Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #25: Keith Chegwin

keith 1Name: Keith Chegwin
Show: Celebrity Big Brother 15
Placement: 4th place

The Summer series of Celebrity Big Brother was a dire set of circumstances. The series was dominated by Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins’ endless, boring bickering, and there was never an end in sight. One would think that the solution would be someone to shout them down more, but instead, the solution we all needed was a completely different approach. We needed someone to politely talk either of them down to their face rather than scream endlessly at them. One of these people ended up being Keith Chegwin.

It was never supposed to be Keith’s, or “Cheggers” as he was more formally known, role in the series at the utmost truth teller. Cast as a so-called “nice guy”, he was simply supposed to be simple background fodder in the series and blend into the wallpaper as an early out. But circumstances prevailed, and Cheggers became a third party to the endless Hilton-Hopkins war, and it was the party we were all invited to. Instead of screaming about how annoying Perez was or bigoted Hopkins was, Cheggers would simply address his personal grievances with either of them in a calm and collected manner and then go about his day, giving neither of them a shred of benefit or extra screentime.

At least this is how it was approached at first, until Kavana got involved. Kavana had a deep-seated rivalry with Cheggers, which resulted in Kavana insulting Cheggers for an entire night in spite of his pleas to stop, and while that was addressed with a face-to-face nomination of Kavana by Cheggers himself, he in turn started dealing with the main instigators more harshly. While Perez never had a problem with Cheggers, Hopkins would always attack Cheggers for being a so-called “Fence Sitter” for supposedly not taking a side. Indeed, Keith’s avkeith 2ersion to a black-and-white approach to the series meant that Hopkins needed to brand him as fake or wishy-washy, rather than just being tired of both sides of the conflict.

Eventually, Cheggers had enough with Hopkins, and in a memorable explosive interaction, destroyed her entire persona by branding her entire package and presentation as boring. This coincided with the time Hopkins herself had started making attacks at fellow Katie, Katie Price, and both Pricey and Cheggers joined forces to tear down supposed juggernaut and self-proclaimed truth-teller Hopkins day after day after day, the apex of which hit when they’d yell over the top of Hopkins during the penultimate episode interviews and Pricey would scream at her to shut up for being “a boring old slag”.

Cheggers would have been an amazing winner to the series, but in the end Pricey took out the victory, which was even better. While Keith had more direct confrontation with the so-called Main Characters of the series, Pricey’s victory was a substantial moment in the grand scheme of reality television, which will be addressed later on the in the countdown. Meanwhile, here’s to Cheggers.


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