Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #26: Harry-Amelia Martin

harry amelia 1Name: Harry-Amelia Martin
Show: Big Brother UK 16
Placement: 8th place

In a desperate attempt to help their tanking ratings, the producers of BBUK saw fit to remove a good third of their launch cast in an attempt to “shake up the house” under the perceived notion that since nobody was going around screaming at people like Perez, it was “boring”. Whilst this obviously lead to diminishing returns (see: both Simon and Marc being on the Worst of 2015 list), it did introduce cam-girl Harry-Amelia into the lives of the viewers, and it almost made up for it.

The epitome of Channel 5 casting, Harry-Amelia seemed destined to leave within 2 weeks to a wall of boos, but fortunately she became the eviction cockroach of the series. Fortunately, because within a week her time in the house geared towards dissenting against the Cult of Marc O’Neill – every man in the house, even those that initially hated Marc, started to cozy up to him in the house due to his percieved popularity, but Harry-Amelia, much like eventual winner Chloe, refused. Harry-Amelia made it her mission to call Marc out for being a disgusting misogynistic piece of crap to anyone who would listen, including her fellow housemates, the viewing public, or Big Brother itself. In a time when the show seemed adamant in lionizing Marc’s behaviour as “Good TV”, she was there to decry him. She continued this stretch for long into the series until his eventual eviction, and it was much needed.harry amelia 2

Even without Marc, Harry was dead set on harrying the men of the house due to the fact that nobody else was up to the task. The men of the house were a loathsome group, and within her final week Harry was game to shout them down in any argument that arose. Fearsome and angry in her arguments as she was, she would routinely win her disagreements with them due to her arguing style being aimed at wearing them down from talking to her rather than trying to best them in words. In a group that included Joel, a pompous piece of slime who saw himself as intelligent and went routinely unchallenged, this was much-see TV. He would waltz into the bathroom with the intention of wearing her down and “exposing” her with his wits, and she would simply scream at him until he left the room or she bolted from the room herself. Even her in-house boyfriend Nick was not immune, as he would routinely treat her like kryptonite to better his chances at winning and in response she could scream at him to “GO SEE TO [HIS] FUCKING BOYFRIEND”. It was one of the many reasons the latter weeks of the series were tolerable, and it all rested on Harry-Amelia’s shoulders.

In spite of her glaring liabilities, it would take 4 consecutive weeks of nomination for Harry to be evicted from the house, upon which she flipped off and taunted the booing crowd into a frenzy while she laughed, a reaction which has never been topped since. For someone marked down as fodder and marketed as such, Harry was a dynamite character and deserved much more than the series she got, but she helped the series in whatever way she could.


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