Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #27: Godfrey Mangwiza

godfreyName: Godfrey Mangwiza
Show: Big Brother Canada 3
Placement: Runner-Up

There is a slew of guesswork to be done when a Big Brother season comes around, because contestants can shift dramatically in quality on a dime. Housemates with somewhat amazing pre-show biographies can end up not delivering when it comes to the actual show, and for a while it seemed like that would be the case with Godfrey. Godfrey was practically non-existent for weeks at a time, only showing up to yell at Sindy for supposedly tampering with the cameras on what turned out to be an April Fools joke, or to be the lowly footsoldier in the Bruno-Bobby-Graig triumvirate inside the Chop Shop alliance. It seemed as if his entire pre-show biography would be for naught, but miraculously, change occurred.

The new majority alliance of the house, the extremely unfortunately named Diaper Alliance, had their eyes set on Godfrey to be eliminated for whatever reason, and he was put up for nomination that week. While it seemed like a move that would not cause waves in the house, it certainly caused waves with Godfrey, and declared that Zach, in Godfrey’s own words, had “awoken the sleeping giant”. Godfrey from that point forth swore to take out Zach, the Head of Household that week, at the Veto ceremony right in front of everyone, and constantly rallied throughout his week to stay so he could enact vengeance on his own behalf. Were this any other week this would have failed, but this was also the week that Sindy had returned to the house, and despite their initial differences she provided a key vote in turning the house on its head, saving Godfrey, and ousting Zach’s Number One ally Jordan from the house in one of the shocking weeks of Big Brother in history.godfrey 2

From that point forth, the sleeping giant awoke, and he was a solitary force to be reckoned with. Gone were the weeks where he would never be featured, here were the weeks where he was now a central character to the Big Brother Canada 3 story. Gone were the days of Kevin or Jordan being the foremost narrator, here were the days of Godfrey being the best narrator of the season. Whilst he never officially joined up with the Fembots alliance of Brittnee and Sarah, they had the same end goal – the eradication of The Diaper Alliance, and they eventually achieved it in tandem. Whatever The Fembot’s plan was, he was essentially a number to them to achieve their goals, and while he never enacted them for most of the season, he came out with the most important win of the season – the Final Head of Household win against Ashleigh, in which he evicted her in 3rd place so the season could achieve a fantastic winner outcome regardless of whether he or Sarah won the season.

Godfrey started out slow, but he emerged from the wallpaper as a character force to be reckoned with – while he may not have won the season, he easily became one of the standout characters of the year.


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