Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #22: Eileen Daly

eileen 1Name: Eileen Daly
Show: Big Brother UK 16
Placement: 12th place

Straight from the screens of vampire horror, Eileen Daly. From the very first second of her VT, Eileen was promised to be a treat, with her Vampire Oscar, botox parties and her boyfriend named “BoBo”, and she delivered completely from the moment she made it into the house. While, symbolic of the series, she didn’t end up lasting any longer than three weeks, she hit nearly every perfect mark someone of her age could hit while in Britain’s Most Famous House, to the betterment of the series for the short time she was there.

She initially did rather well in the house, seeming to make inroads with the much, much younger housemates she was sharing quarters with, but everyone eventually piled on their nominations of her at nomination time specifically due to her age. This lead to an emotional breakdown in the middle of nominations, where she confessed she did feel young, but on the inside. Such an emotional moment definitely saved her when she was put on the block against Sarah and Adjoa, but it took a while for her character to fully develop.

Eileen 2While Eileen may be old, she proved only a week later that she was just as capable of having an intense rivalry as any other housemate; namely, she picked up a rivalry with one Jade-Martina Lynch, which burned red hot from the moment it began. Ostensibly, it was over Jade discussing nominations with Nick, but in reality Jade seemed to think the entire thing was over Eileen having to share the house with another spiritual person. Indeed, Eileen seemed to laser focus her third eye on Jade throughout the entirety of the second week, while Jade went on her spiritual journey against the people of the house who hated her, and miraculously, the entire thing came to a close come the end of Week 2 when Four In Four Out hit and took out Eileen’s footsoldiers, the Broadbent Twins, and Jade’s entire clique, including Harriet and Sarah. In the face of an influx of outsiders, Jade and Eileen made up just in time for Simon to come in and put Eileen up for nomination for being old, in spite of only being a few years younger than her himself.

Thus started the final stage of Eileen’s being, where she once again laser focused her third eye and vowed to make Simon’s life a living misery, and with Chloe at her side reminding him that he was a nobody who would never be famous, quashed Simon for effectively the rest of the series just in time for her to be evicted. In spite of her short run-time, Eileen’s impact on the series was massive. Much like the rest of the housemates from her series, she was far too good for the one she ended up on and is entirely possible her talents and character could have been better utilized on a series that didn’t revolve around supposed “entertainment” like Marc O’Neill.


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