Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #23: Kaitlin Spak

kaitlin 1Name: Kaitlin Spak
Show: King of the Nerds US 3
Placement: 3rd place

Season 3 of King of the Nerds US was lead from beginning to end by the overwhelming, dominant Secret Six alliance. Essentially, four of the five female contestants decided to band together for safety’s sake, recruited two of the more tolerable men, and cruised along until the men took over and took their places in the final. In doing so, the Six solidified themselves into a boring, uneventful season which may have killed the show, although none of them really could have known. However, if there was anything to watch Season 3 of King of the Nerds US for, it was rocket scientist Kaitlin.

kaitlin 2Much like her English counterpart Karen Dawson, Kaitlin was an abrasive leader type who seemed to think she had the solution to everything, but she presented herself in such an entertaining way and her compatriots so easy and willing to bend to her will that she easily became the fan favourite of the season. Not only that, but she was more than willing to back up her boasts with words, unlike many of her fellow nerds who were all talk but no action. She was sent into several Nerd-Offs and emerged from them decidedly victorious. By the time the season was drawing to a close, she had started to become a Dark Horse contender for the win.

While she was lacking in the nuanced strategy of the game that lead to the Secret Six’s continual stay throughout the season, she made up for it in determination to move forward. In spite of being aware of the major alliance, she was still a fantastic team player and her efforts payed off in the end, with her being backed by two of the strongest competitors in the finale. While she did not make the end and win, and she was not crowned the third consecutive Queen of the Nerds (and bizarrely enough, the second consecutive rocket scientist), her contribution to the season was essential and she was the standout nerd of a season lacking in content outside of the cast stuck in the alliance.


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