Podcast #107 – Hell’s Kitchen 15 Episode 2 Recap

Ben is away, so Michael joins Heather to recap a Hell’s Kitchen episode! This week:

  • We start with some corrections from last week’s episode (which explain why HK is moving to Wednesdays).
  • Michael tries to use archetypes to explain why a former first boot prediction may go on a deep run.
  • Michael forgets the resident bitch of Season 12.
  • Gordon Ramsay showcases some more “friends”.
  • The challenge somehow relates to HaMerotz LaMillion (mainly because of Michael’s presence).
  • There’s a surprise appearance by the Pierogi Pumbaa.
  • We put out a plea for a particular production member to make themselves known.
  • Why production didn’t sit someone out for the challenge.
  • Heather suggests a situation where murder is involved in a challenge, and Michael accidentally tries to kill off Ben.
  • Heather’s been receiving some dodgy tweets thanks to the show.
  • There’s more puns than a night with Allan Wu.
  • We actually compare Jersey to Malibu (and it’s not pretty).
  • Michael tries to make Ben’s life more difficult for the rest of the season.
  • We ask the question of whether anyone should remember Giacomo.
  • Find out who last week’s parade was *really* for.
  • Find out who Hell’s Kitchen’s “Mr Pec-Tacular” is.
  • Did Ramsay actually know about the “surprise” walk-in?
  • We lament the loss of one of our Black Jacket predictions from last week and make two substitutions for this week’s predictions!
Black Jacket Prediction Contestant
1 Manda
2 Jackie
3 Sherkenna Dannie
4 Ashley
5 Hassan
6 Frank Jared

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