Podcast #109 – The Amazing Race 28 Preview

Michael, Logan & Michelle are back for the ninth Amazing Race season’s coverage – Amazing Race 28: Let’s Get Social! This week, topics include:

  • Why producers think that the Oscars controversy is a good thing.
  • Why twelve year olds are obsessed with Pretty Woman.
  • A joke for all you Jessica Jones fans.
  • Someone is compared to a Great Dane multiple times, as well as Homer Simpson.
  • Everyone’s favourite handsome bush pilot returning.
  • Someone’s job title joining a Nintendo video game series and making Michelle a “child goddess”.
  • Logan revealing the requirements for being in the Smile High Club.
  • A surprising fact about a board game, courtesy of a prisoner.
  • One Racer asking for the season to be done China Rush-style.
  • Why Canada did 19 year olds better.
  • One team’s achievements causing Michelle to describe them as “a bit sad” and Logan as the “Kynt & Vyxsin of the pageantry world”.
  • Who would fit right in on a season of Wie is de Mol?.
  • Why a curse has to be broken this season, otherwise there may be some self-inflicted wounds.
  • Why casting a season of all social media people may have been a really bad idea.
  • Which Racers have already been appearing on fan groups.
  • Logan learning something new about Tennessee.
  • Once and for all who Mac Demarco is.
  • Which Racer this season would be best at Survivor (and for an unconventional reason).
  • Michelle proposing a radical new twist that would shake up the Race permanently.
  • One team being a carbon copy of a team from last season (but with whiter teeth).
  • Predictions over which team will quit after seven seconds.
  • Someone impressing us with their knowledge of Egyptian Gods (and fear of one in particular).
  • Two teams trying to make retro hobbies a thing again.
  • Michelle getting a challenge.
  • One person wanting to avoid being the new Freddy & KKKendra.
  • Someone declaring war on one of our TAR Canada favourites.
  • Who is literally Al Gore?
  • One person declares their love for one half of the first ever winners.
  • Why production is courting controversy.
  • And why this season could mean another evolution in the game, if previous form is to be looked at.

Some additional light reading: https://rtvwarriors.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/biographical-mistakes/


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