Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #21: Jade-Martina Lynch

jade 1Name: Jade-Martina Lynch
Show: Big Brother UK 16
Placement: 11th place

Nobody was quite prepared for what Jade-Martina Lynch had to offer her season of Big Brother UK – it’s not that often someone so perfectly crazy comes along to make every second of screentime they receive just a little bit better but Jade was that person for her season. From the moment her VT showed up with her proclaiming her love of polyamory over monogamy it was clear that Jade-Martina Lynch would be an experience.

There was slight doubt in the beginning due to her somewhat dodgy first week, where she seemed the rather harmful type of crazy than the fun type, but all that changed once she entered the vicinity of Nick Henderson, and with the double whammy of having been caught discussing nominations Jade became a house pariah, striking up various rivalries all throughout the house as she dealt with a combination of people who hated her for being crazy and volatile and a constant strangeness about her (luminaries of this rivalry include Eileen, and Sally & Amy Broadbent), and those who were tired of her spending time with Nick rather than letting the rest of the house share him, which was often the case whenever a woman entered Nick’s vicinity. Due to Nick being a wet sock of a human being, Jade was truly on her own, and her railing in solitude against the people who were persecuting her in her time in the Big Brother house was easily one of the most entertaining weeks of any Big Brother program across the world.

jade 2While it should have ended with Jade’s eviction at the end of the week, Four In Four Out happened in a blatant attempt to prolong the drama and a good number of Jade’s enemies were punted out of the house alongside her friends, which led to her encounter with one Marc O’Neill. Having known him before she entered the house, her horrified cries upon seeing him stood as a warning for the weeks to come, and she made sure it was known was a terrible excuse for a human he was even within the first hour of his being in the house, constantly mocking his awful personality and alleged tiny penis to the amazement of all around her. While this settled down in the coming weeks as he would build up a cult of personality around him and Harry-Amelia soaked up most of the attention, it also meant that she was finally safe from her housemate’s slut-shaming of her.

Of course that would soon end once the Time Warp housemates entered and she became interested in Brian Belo, after which she was almost literally run out of the house at the next available opportunity. Much like the other fantastic housemates of her season, Big Brother UK 16 was a season that didn’t deserve the fantastic housemates it got, so it was a treat that she managed to grace the show with her presence even if it was only for half the season and a double-digit placement.


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